Delaware’s own Larry Binger heading to the National Veterans Wheelchair Games

Newark resident Larry Binger (aka “The Rolling Sportsman“) is heading to the 31st National Veterans Wheelchair Games in Pittsburgh this year.  He’s been competing as Delaware’s sole representative for over twenty years.

In 2008, Larry was read into the Congressional Record by Representative Mike Castle who noted in his remarks:

    While serving in Vietnam, Mr. Binger injured his back working on his ship, the USS Shangri La. Following his injury, in order to stay active, Mr. Binger began competing in wheelchair marathons. He represents Delaware at the National Games in multiple events including javelin, discus, archery, bowling, trapshooting and various fishing events. Mr. Binger competes in the masters division of these events, with an excellent showing last year. In addition to his perseverance and rigorous training, Mr. Binger is passionately committed to serving other veterans. He has been a member of the Patriot Guard Riders for several years, considering it an honor to attend the funerals of fallen comrades. In competing as a disabled athlete, Mr. Binger strives to set an example that will give hope to both long-time and recently disabled veterans in the tri-state area. The highest commendations should be bestowed upon this devoted individual.



We have known Larry for at last five years and I have to say that once you have met him, you will never forget him. His enthusiasm for life, sports, and his fellow veterans is contagious.

Each year, and especially now, the fundraising for the monies needed to participate is becoming more and more challenging. Luckily for us this year the games are in Pittsburgh, so the amount needed is not so daunting. As of now, he has paid for his room and only needs $500 for transportation to and from the games, meals, etc.  He has been able to get a number of sponsors in the Newark area for his yearly raffle who are offering a number of cool items for the winners.  There are plenty of chances to win, so if you are so inclined, grab some tickets !

If you can’t participate in the raffle, you may want to consider a cash donation.  All we need is $500, so $10, $20, whatever your pocketbook can spare will go a long way towards helping Larry make his goal.  I’m writing my check out today !

The games are in early August, and depending on what is happening we may get to attend this year and see Larry in action.  Whether we do or not, we will always be proud that Larry Binger represents our state and are confident that he will do us proud.



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2 responses to “Delaware’s own Larry Binger heading to the National Veterans Wheelchair Games

  1. Hello,
    Larry Binger here. After all the fundraising, letter writing and talking about the games, I am finally leaving for Pittsburgh and the games. I am as ready as I can be and I will give 110% to make the games a success this year.
    I thank everyone who sponsored me.

    I have the best equipment, I had the best coaching and now its up to me to bring home the gold.

    I am to be a member of a small group of VISN 4 athletes that will be
    honored during an on field salute before the August 4th Pirates game.
    I hope the on field salute is broadcast along with the game at 7:pm.
    This is quite an honor and it is the high lite of my sports career.

    A special thank you to: Girl Geek and Chainsaw two of the nicest people I have the honor to meet in my life.

    After August 1st, follow this link to see all that is happening daily at the games.

    My athlete number is 1 so I won’t be hard to find.

    Respectfully Yours

    Larry Binger
    The Rolling Sportsman

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