Remember this when they tell you it’s “For the Children”

Flush with Race to the Top funds, the Delaware Department of Education has announced its “data coaching initiative”.  The cost ?  $8.2 million.

 The 29 data coaches will increase data-driven instruction by facilitating collaborative instructional planning time and providing feedback to individual instructors.  

So basically, the program is to help teachers to understand test scores.  Apparently then they will know how to adjust their teaching methods (or perhaps “teach to the test”) in order to improve test scores.

I don’t know about you, but the teachers I know are pretty smart people. They know their material, they know their students, and most of all they know how to adapt to individual student needs. The last thing they need in their already over-burdened-with-paperwork workday is more time away from instruction and preparation in order for some high-fallutin’ consulting firm to tell them how to teach.

This isn’t going towards education.  This is going to a bunch of glossy consultants and mid-level administrators in order to make a teacher’s job more of a living hell than it already is.

So a year from now, when the State of Delaware brags about how much money they are spending on education, remember this $8.2 million dollars.  This isn’t “for the children”.  It is for another level of insidious bureaucracy.  It has nothing to do with education.

Nothing at all.


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