Professor gets the ax for part-time gig

By day, Sheila Addison was an assistant professor of psychology at John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, CA.  By night, she was “Professor Shimmy” at The Hubba Hubba Revue in San Francisco.   This is what she did:

Now, whatever you may think about the quality of her performance, did Sheila deserve to get fired ? She thinks not. In fact, she is suing the university for, among other things, “Harassment for Failure to Conform to Gender Stereotypes.” (PDF-21 pgs).  In California, of all places.

Ms. Addison had an excellent employment record, and did not flaunt nor advertise her part-time job.  So what’s the beef ?  The University claims that she brought “public disrespect, contempt and ridicule to the university” (though how they found out I don’t know, some tightass must have dropped a dime on her).  Her complaint goes on to say:

…..a male colleague in another department was performing at the same time in a one-man show in which he was partially nude. Though he publicized his show on campus and invited students and colleagues, he was not disciplined, the complaint alleges.

A double-standard ?

Isn’t it still true that it seems a bit unseemly to some for a woman to make a “dirty joke”, yet it is treated as “boys will be boys” when a man does it ? Isn’t it true that at a certain age men can openly comment on their prostrate issues, but women hide their periods ? No amount of commercials with girls-in-tampons-doing-splits seem to have dissipated that taboo. We seem to have a cultural discomfort with a woman expressing her sexuality.

Sheila doesn’t have that problem, and I love and admire her for it.


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One response to “Professor gets the ax for part-time gig

  1. Leo

    Don’t know much about John F. Kennedy University. Is it public or private? Even if they are the latter, I assume they are tainted by federal funds, which means they are probably in hot water.

    If they did not have to answer to federal busybodies they would be perfectly within their rights to make whatever hiring or firing decisions that reflect their values and what they believe should be the university’s public image. Of course, you are right that they would have to apply the same standard to the male counterpart and his particular perversion.

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