Trail of Hope – Local man begins his journey today

Peter Prusinowski is on a journey, a journey he calls the Trail of Hope.  At 9:00 A.M. this morning he left Penn Treaty Park in Fishtown (Philadelphia) PA to begin the 2,000 mile trek on foot to Bartlesville, OK.  His path will trace the migration of the Lenape Indians in the 1860’s.  Why?

Prusinowski views the walk as a journey of sharing, discovery and reflection. He will take along still and video cameras to preserve the stories he will hear along the way. He will tell his own story about finding purpose in one’s life and how together we can make a difference in our world. He will photograph sites that tell of the past and the present. Ultimately, the photographs of his experiences on the Trail of Hope will be presented in an exhibit to inspire peace, love and hope for future generations.

Mr. Prusinowski immigrated to Philadelphia from Poland (via Paris) in 1976.  He is a photographer by trade.  I especially enjoyed his black-and-white photographs of my old stomping grounds, Fishtown.  He became fascinated with the story of the Lenape Indians in the area and their Treaty of Amity and Friendship with William Penn:

My desire to spread the life altering elements of Love, Peace, and Friendship among humanities mirrored the very intentions of William Penn in 1682 along the riverbank in the same neighborhood I immigrated to.

What a fascinating project !  He plans to update his site with pictures (and hopefully some musings) along the way.  I’ll be checking in on him.


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