It’s come to this

From Melbourne, Australia comes the heartwarming story of the tagging toddlers who have been labeled “grafitti artists” by the local gestapo.  Their crime ?  Drawing with chalk on a sidewalk:

Sally White, who runs the family-friendly cafe with husband PJ, said she was told by a council officer that the children’s drawings were graffiti and had to stop, after a complaint from a resident.

Apparently, someone was miffed about the budding Picassos and their offensive pink and yellow stick figures and flowers which adorned the outside of the cafe. Really, somebody has to have a pretty miserable life to be offended by children expressing their innocent creativity which had become a hallmark of the establishment. Patrons and neighbors have gathered a petition of 180 signers to protest the artistic ban. But the law is the law, dammit !

Council’s general manager corporate services Peter Smith said the drawings were in contravention of council’s Local Law No. 1 2006 and the state government’s Graffiti Act 2007.

Egad. Sounds so awfully official.

Certain laws are necessary (the fewer the better), but one must imagine the consequences. When stretched to their ultimate applicability, the results can be downright ridiculous.


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  1. Leo

    Mr. Bumble was right.

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