Issues with Hannum’s HD – by Chainsaw

An acquaintance of mine that has been riding the touring family bikes for quite a few years, told me that he had taken his Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic into Hannum’s Harley-Davidson of Chadds Ford,PA. for service, and his wife’s Heritage Softail for a tire, and that a bike wash was tossed in for free that resembled more of a detailing job than a generic bike wash, and he suggested that if I needed any service work done, that I should give Hannum’s a shot, instead of hitting one of the other four Stealerships in the area.

Sometime during the week of May 23rd – 27th, I called  Hannum’s Harley-Davidson of Chadds Ford and made an appointment to have the Cam Chain Tensioners  evaluated, as our 2005 Ultra Classic   had recently flipped the 30,000 mile mark .

I didn’t realize that I would have to keep a diary of this experience, until I went to pick up the bike.

It went something like this:

An appointment was confirmed over the telephone for May 31st for a Cam Chain Tensioner evaluation and replacement.   On May 31st, I showed up at Hannum’s Harley-Davidson of Chadds Ford Service Department’s  back door at10:00 am.  As the Service writer gathered my personal information, out of curiosity, I requested and received a quote for the Gear to Gear option  that came to $1,091.50 including parts and labor.

On June 1st, I was contacted by the Service department about installing the Gear to Gear option. I declined, and told them that I merely requested a quote for the installation of the Gear to Gear option, and told them again to  replace the Cam Chain Tensioners with OEM parts if it was needed.

I was told that they’d contact me with the evaluation.

No return call was received that day.

June 2nd, three days after my original confirmed  appointment, I called Hannum’s Harley-Davidson of Chadds Ford Service Department  and inquired as to the progress being made. The Service Department confirmed that the Cam Chain Tensioner Shoes replacement  was required.

I told them to get with it.

I assumed after the call that they had began work on the Cam Chain Tensioner replacement, but they said that they’d call when the job was complete.

No return call was received that day.

The morning of June 3rd, I called Hannum’s Harley-Davidson of Chadds Ford Service Department to inquire as to the progress being made.

I was told that I had, “lost fluids” during the Cam Chain Tensioner replacement and should the Service Department go ahead and change oil and  filter. I said no, that a complete 10,000 mile service had beendone at 29,715 miles – approximately 300 miles previously. I also inquired as to the progress being made, and was  told that I’d be called back.

No return call was received.

I called the Service Department at approximately 12:00 pm, and was told that  motorcycle was out being test ridden then, afterwards would be brought back in to be washed and they’d call back.

I inquired as to what the bill would be and was told it was $752.42

No return call was received.

I got fed up with the, “no communication” crap,  and called Hannum’s Harley-Davidson of Chadds Ford Service Department at approximately 5:45 pm, and they said it had been ready since 3:00 pm!

When the Hannum’s Harley-Davidson of Chadds Ford Service Department’s representative, Steve P. rolled the bike out through the service bay door, I took advantage of the daylight to inspect the Cam Gearcover, and not only discovered the part that they worked on was still greasy and smudged, and had to wipe it off myself, but there were 4 deep gouges in the top left flange of the Cam Gear cover chrome,  that resembled tool markings, or someone had dropped the cover.

I brought this to the Service rep’s attention.

He and I both took digital pictures of the gouges, and he ordered a new Cam Gear cover and gave me a receipt, balance due: $0.00, to be installed upon its arrival.

We paid the bill of $752.42 and cranked up the bike, and I noticed it seemed a little louder than normal on the ride home.

On June 4th, I fired up the bike to go on a Saturday ride, and I heard what sounded like an exhaust leak from the rear pipe.  As the day progressed, so did the sound.

That afternoon I called Hannum’s Harley-Davidson of Chadds Ford Service Department and told them that I could live with the gouged Cam Gear cover until the replacement arrived, but the exhaust leak we were left with could not be tolerated.

I was told that the pipe had not been taken off.

I knew better.

Hannum’s Harley-Davidson of Chadds Ford Service Department Representative Steve P. told me to bring it in the next day, Sunday, June 5th and he’d listen to it.

Sunday, June 5th, I rode the bike up to Hannum’s Harley-Davidson of Chadds Ford Service Department so that Steve P. could listen to the exhaust leak, and he confirmed that it was the rear pipe gasket that was misaligned and leaking, and that if I brought the bike in Tuesday, June 7th at 10:00 am that it would be repaired while I wait.

Tuesday, June 7th I showed up at Hannum’s Harley-Davidson of Chadds Ford Service Department’s door and let the bike’s pipes cool off and  walked inside to get with Steve P. about it, but he already knew what I was there for, so he got a technician to come outside and have a look and listen to listen to the exhaust leak.

As soon as the technician looked up at the end of the rear pipe where it goes into the exhaust port, he knew what the problem was.

The technician said that he had forgotten to put anti-seize on the exhaust stud bolt, and without a doubt he also forgot to check the torque specs on the nut, because it was obvious that the nut was missing.

So, when I picked up the bike June 3rd, not only had the pipe been loosened and moved to get the Cam Gear cover off, the stud bolts weren’t tightened and torqued to factory specs, and had no anti-seize on the  exhaust stud bolt, which easily vibrated off on the ride back home.

Sitting outside while the technician did his thing, I got the lowdown on where the gouges in the Cam Gear cover originated.  It seems that once the technician had all of the bolts out of the Cam Gear cover removed, the cover, torqued by factory specs, didn’t want to come off.  The technician went on to tell me that he enlisted two other “techs” with dead blow mallets, and steel ball peen hammers, in  an attempt to remove the Cam Gear cover.

The technician claimed that it was the Factory’s fault  that it was so tight, but I wasn’t buying into that.

We’ve taken the tour through the York Final Assembly  Plant, and their air ratchets are preset to a factory torque spec setting so that a monkey  could work on the assembly line.

I could’ve fixed the exhaust leak myself, had I the desire  to look up into the area where the exhaust port was, but that wasn’t the point.

I took an expensive machine to a dealership that is  supposed to employ certified Harley-Davidson Technicians, to have what surely  had to have been a routine, mechanical maintenance issue and repair, only to  have some Trunk Monkeys whammin’ and bammin’ on a part that is made of cast  aluminum, covered in chrome, with hammers.

I can’t wait to see what they screw up next when the new  Cam Gear cover comes in.

And by the way, about the wash job resembling a detail job, I can clean a touring bike and the trailer we pull behind it, better than Hannum’s Harley-Davidson of Chadds Ford can, with one hand in my back pocket.



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22 responses to “Issues with Hannum’s HD – by Chainsaw

  1. Dave

    That is why, my friend, I’ve learned to do all that kind of shit to my two evos myself ! You can’t rely on anyone at the HD shop. Your lucky if they even have a simple part in stock, but you can betchyer ass they got every goddam size jeans, shirt, belt and dog toy all your money can buy ! (Oh, how could I forget HD coffee and Christmas balls too !!!!) Fuck them.

  2. Life in a 2 bdrm apartment, with no workshop, doesn’t permit much room for the tools and weird projects that I have now.
    Not to make any excuses, but friends aren’t always available that have the tools and the Twin Cam know-how, or to have our schedules coincide so that this could’ve been done cheaper, and much more fun.
    The two best parts of this event are, they guarantee all parts and labor, and I’m hoping it will get back to Tommy Hannum with me sending it to him directly, as I have thoroughly surfed both Hannum’s websites and he wants to hear about complaints customers have – not that it will change anything.
    While I have an ear to this matter – I’d like folks to surf my website and see the bikes I have for sale, and the listings of stolen bikes that I participate in.

    • I forgot to mention that if you hover your mouse over my name where it’s in blue, and click it, you will be taken to my personal website. I
      If you hover your mouse over any blue text it takes you pages I have built or linked to, that show the various references made to images and webpages.

  3. bob

    I have a big garage and I’m less than 3 miles from you. Also in past years it has been my experience that Chadds Ford is almost the Tee Shirt shop and if you need something you go to Media. I don’t let anyone work on my bikes so I can’t back that up except to tell you Media has been there for at least 25 years and Chadds Ford does sell Tee Shirts.
    Pardon me for the dig but I would take the bike to Media when my cover comes in. PS you should have went with the gear set, now your going to have to go through this again in so many miles.

  4. We discussed the OEM Tensioner replacement vs.the Gear to Gear option, and just could afford the new shoes.
    Hannum’s will replace the Cam Chain cover at their expense and labor.
    If it ever comes in!
    I’ve only asked them 3 times about an American Flag and they always seem to be on back order.

  5. Hildy

    It is pretty fucking sad when dealerships can charge outrageous amounts of cash to repair scooters and then come up with lame ass excuses as to the shotty work not being their fault and once challenged and found to be in the wrong they can then say “oh well sorry let me do the next fix it for free.” Screw that, the whole repair job should have been for free, parts and labor, every party invovled at the dealership held accountable and then maybe, just maybe this crap will stop. My old lady works for a car dealership and they pull the same crap and the beat goes on. As long as the american consumer takes it the money grubbing retailers are going to dish it out. Stand up or bend over.

  6. Angry Inch

    Let’s get this right. First, they let the bike get out the shop with the damaged cover and did not bring it to your attention. They tried to let it get down the road when they surely would have said it wasn’t their doing. The part should have already been on order, and pointed out to you the moment you walked in. Second, the exhaust wasn’t installed correctly, and the tech knew about it. So not only did they again let the bike leave with a problem of their doing, they tried to deny it! Then to top it off they give you a half-assed wash? Not only should they have fixed the problems they caused, but they should give you at least a partial refund for the wasted time. I can promise you this- not only will they never touch my wheels, I will make sure everyone I know goes elsewhere as well. And as for my next set of wheels.. well, it’s safe to say they ain’t gonna get a chance at selling me. It’s a shame that in this climate a business is cocky enough to not own up to it’s errors.

    • Yes, the Technicians were going to hand the bike back to us, after paying the bill with extremely hard earned money, without saying a word about the gouges in the Cam Chain cover.

      They didn’t actually try to deny that they did the damage, but they didn’t make any mention of it either.
      They were hoping I’d hit the road and not discover it until I got back home, freeing them from any liability.

      Ironically the Cam Chain cover wasn’t even wiped off with a shop rag and still smudged up with greasy hand prints, screaming out to the unaided eye, “Look at me!”
      That was before I got it out into the sunlight to look it over real good.
      Had they done their due diligence on inspection of their own work and the bike wash, I would have never discovered the gouges until after I realized there was an exhaust leak.

      It has been 11 business days, if you count Saturdays, since I was given the receipt for the “no charge” on ordering the replacement parts.

      I will be calling them today to inquire as to its status and to be sure that a new gasket was ordered also, as it seems oddly coincidental that Hannum’s has to order parts that I ask about.

      None of this has been resolved to its finality yet, and I discovered yesterday that the Tour Pack back rests’ right hand side rubber bushing, has been torn loose from the back rest pan body.

      Until I took the bike to Hannum’s I had no issues whatsoever.

      Thanks for the comment Angry Inch.

  7. wolfman

    I have delt with Hannum’s for years. As a matter of fact I bought my 2003 road king off them in 2003. The Chadsford shop is a YUPPIE Shop and they charge OUTLANDISH Prices for the garb you wear, it should be a clothing store. The service sucks, but they are right there at the door if you want to buy an inventory bike or a new one. I suggest in the future you look at other shops. Freedom Cycle does outstanding work. It might take a while longer but you will be satisfied with the results. I have delt with them for the past 7 Yrs. I am not new at this game , I delt with Allen Carter when he was on A – Street in DE. and also worked for D.T. Van- Sice on Market Street. Now he was a Motorcycle Dealer. Not a Wanna-be


  8. Yes, I did notice as they were puttering around at whatever they do up at Hannum’s, that they did have a lot of gee-gaws that were very high priced.

    I don’t think that a customer paying the kind of money that we did, should also have to pay $30 for a T-shirt that amounts to free advertising of the business.
    I believe prices have gotten way out of hand.

    I’ve posted this entirely unnecessary misadventure to a V-Twin Forum I’ve belonged to for sometime now at the section where people submit good or bad experiences with Dealers, Shops, and Online Retailers, that to date, has had 96 people read about it.

  9. Well folks, the beat goes on with the Hannum’s Harley-Davidson of Chadds Ford, Pa.

    If you count Saturday’s as shipping days, it has been 11 days since the replacement Can Chain cover was ordered.

    Today, at a little before 2:00pm, I called Hannum’s and inquired as to the status of the ordered part.
    I got a Service Department gentleman by the name of “Steve”, that knew me by first name.

    Steve says, after shuffling some papers around, that the part is on “Back Order.”

    I couldn’t resist asking Steve what the turn around time usually is on an ordered part, and he said, “Usually one week, but when it’s been on “Back Order,” they never know.

    Doesn’t this particular part come from a vendor that Harley-Davidson Inc., subs their work out to then, it gets sent to Final assembly in York, Pa?

    One would think that a single Cam Chain cover, not for a 2011 – 12 new production bike, but a 2005 would already be warehoused in the tri-state area.
    Final Assembly in York, Pa is only a mere 70 miles away.

    Steve claims that about 80 boxes came in with this morning’s shipping and that they haven’t had time to go through them all just yet.

    I wonder if any of those boxes contain out Cam Chain cover or the American Flag I’ve asked about so many times?

    Recently, and I wouldn’t have noticed it had I not been riding solo, I noticed a banging sound behind me on the Tour Pack.
    I got off of the bike and it seems that now the right hand side of the Tour Pack Back Rest is loose.

    I looked through the opening that the loosening back rest has now, and I see that the rubber isolator has broken away from the steel back rest pan.
    When it rains, it pours. Doesn’t it?

    I opened the Tour Pack, and took all of the nuts off that hold the back rest to the Tour Pack, and laid the back rest upside down and just could not believe what I saw

    • Hildy

      Have you ever heard about the guy who complained to the waiter about his food and when he sent it back to the kitchen they piss or spit in or on the food before they returned it? 11 days and they haven’t opened up any of todays shipments sound something along thosee lines because they can’t piss or spit on your cam cover and do you any harm. They got ya dude!

      • Ahhh, we will see in a little bit .

        The only reason I have not responded in my usual gut reaction way is, the wife told me that there would be no money for bail.
        Bear in mind, that I have been extremely civil, and kept my language at a “G” rating, throughout this whole mess, reacting any other way would indeed, be as equally non-productive as Hannum’s has

        This has also put a big dent in the road trip budget that she has been looking forward to.

        I have made sooooo many long distance calls to Hannum’s over this malfunction, that my minutes on the Crackberry phone are just about gone.

        Now, I have an issue with the Tour Pack Back Rest that very well could have resulted from the Technician’s confession of the “Mallet and Ball Peen Hammer Party” that the three of them had while trying to get the Cam Chain cover off, as the damaged portion of the back rest is on the same side as the Cam Chain cover.

        There is no telling what else they did to the bike in their tag team, wrasslin’ match, with a 2005 Ultra Classic, that other than needing Cam Chain Tensioner shoes replaced.
        Time will only tell.

        So, in conclusion, when you mess with my Ol’ Lady, and you mess with the Scooter, and by damn if you mess with those two things and the Crackberry, it is time to send this to the man in Media, Pa that should make those boys in Chadds Ford spit out a Cam Chain cover, gasket, and the correct labor to fix it correctly, or I can always get in touch with the Milwaukee office.

  10. Tom Hannum

    As we are not perfect and cant do much about the past we would love to have an oppurtunity to rectify anything we have ever done wrong and make riding more enjoyable for everyone in the future please feel free to contact me anytime.
    Happy Motoring
    Tom Hannum & Family
    Cell 1-610-639-5737

    We will be at the AHDRA All Harley Drags next weekend at Atco NJ should be a great time come by with a Hannums T-Shirt on and we will give you a free water and Hot Dog on Sunday. We will be racing Pro-Mod,SE,SEP & ET. Have Fun.

  11. I just got back from having Hannum’s putting the new Cam Chain cover on.

    I originally had an appointment set for last Thursday, the 23rd, at 10 am, but bad weather was forecasted, so I called Tom Hannum to reschedule, as I requested him to be there when the Techs did the job.

    When I rolled up to the back door of the Service Department at approx. 9:50 am, they were ready and waiting for the bike.
    I had a seat at the picnic table and fiddled with the GPS on my Crackberry to see if it had located my position, had a few smokes, and watched the skies darken, as bad weather was once again forecasted, and I wanted this deal done, and over with so I could check it off of my list of many things to be dealt with.

    The Tech rolled the bike back outside to me in an amazingly fast 35 minutes or so, and I was blown away by the time it took them to do the job.

    I looked the cover over, no visible discrepancies were present, I looked at the bottom of the cover to see if there was any oil leaking from the gasket, and felt satisfied that the allen bolts must be torqued down, but the true test would be riding it home and then checking it again after the motor had cooled down to see if any leaks or drips had formed anywhere.

    Just my luck, it began to sprinkle, so I wrapped the Crackberry in a microfiber polishing rag and put it into the saddlebag, knowing that I was going to get wet.


    It freaking poured on me as I was sitting at the red light to get onto U.S.1, and it was one of those lights that made you want to run, because the weight of the bike and the electromagnetic field sensor was not going to acknowledge my presence until a cage pulled into the other turning lane on U.S.1 to trigger the cycling sequence.

    Finally, a lawn maintenance truck going south triggered the light to go to yellow.
    I was already, “sack-dripping” wet by then, and could care less about the rain until I got the green.

    As I pulled out and crossed into the far lane on U.S.1, I heard tires sliding and screeching to my left, and it was one of those inattentive drivers realizing that traffic had stopped in front of them at the red light.
    That didn’t bother me half as much as when my prescription riding glasses fogged up to the point that I had about 5% visibility and it began to rain harder.

    As I passed across the state line back into Delaware, I ran through what felt like a river of rainwater that was so deep, coming through the opening in the median, that I didn’t even see, and was deep enough that it lifted the bike momentarily to what felt like the maximum extension of the front and rear suspension. Blooosh!

    I had no time to react, or even to consider a reaction other than to keep the bike upright and perpendicular to the road and in the line of travel that it wanted to take.

    I ran through another road river not nearly as deep at the dip by McKenzie’s Brew House and decided that I needed to get some kind of prescription eye wear friendly defogger to remedy the visibility issue, as it was not only a hindrance, it was a safety issue.

    It steadily poured on me once I got the green arrow at Naamans rd and all the way back to Marsh rd. where I turned off to go to the house.

    Of course as I pull into the drive, the rain slacks off, but the pavement is soaked and I am in no mood to look for oil leaks, even if one was present.
    All I wanted was to slog into the house, shut off the A/C, dump the water out of my boots, get some dry clothes on, and toss the wet ones into the dryer.

    Well, the dryer has blown another internal fuse, and I left the wet clothes to grow whatever culture or furry mold that they choose until I am ready to take the dryer apart again and make the drive over to the appliance parts store.

    Tomorrow is another day, and the forecast is for sunny skies and a high of 86 degrees, so around 8 am I’ll put my soaking wet Carolina logging boots on the roof of my truck to dry out along with the pavement, wipe the bike down and get rid of the water spots as I check for leaks in the Cam Chain cover gasket.

  12. Road Toad

    chaintool after that bull shit dissertation about the light on rt1 and your wet “poor baby” ride home was you old POS bike fixed.MAN UP YOU TOOL. Ride safe

  13. RbtRbt

    I’ve encountered the same left-turn red light issues myself, and can relate.
    After reading this whole thread, it’s helped me to decide where I don’t want to take my business.
    I prefer to have just a bit more confidence in where I choose to spend my money and a faster turnaround time than he received.
    It appears that the “Road Toad” has some issues.
    Thanks for the heads up!

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  15. rj

    you think hannums suck…..try barrnets in new mexico….worse its all dealerships….when you hire a kid fresh outta mmi and pay him squat you get squat..find a good indapendant or learn how to do this shit yourself….or better yet… buy a honda

  16. Dallas

    I usually use rubber malet. Some of those covers need a lot of persuading to pop loose.

  17. Sandy

    Sounds like that’s the way they operate. In May 2015 I left a $200 deposit on a CVO limited fortunately I put the 6 digit serial number on the check. It is my fault partially that too much time passed but when I went back just a few weeks ago I find that my motorcycle is gone. They sold it out from underneath our deal. No phone call no discussion no request for me to permit them to sell it just sold it on their own never contacted me. So what else might they be inclined to do behind my back if and when they were to have my motorcycle in their shop. That is a rhetorical question because they will never have any of my motorcycles in any shop of theirs and I’ll never buy one from them because there is no trust.

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