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Trust the soup

Feeling a bit down in the dumps and in desperate need of a kick in the ass, I took the suggestion of Instapundit and downloaded the free Kindle version of author Steven Pressfield’s Do the Work.

I’m not usually a fan of “self-help” books, as they usually tout the feel-good mantras currently in vogue.  And after all, it seems to me that “self-help” should be exactly that.  By one’s self.  In the bootstrap kind of way.  Pressfield’s book is a little different.  It is more like a slap in the face instead of a smiling, toothful coddling.  The author outlines the barriers to getting started on a project and what we can do to fight, nay destroy them.  It is kind of like being at war with oneself, but with a positive outcome.  He does not dismiss failure, but rather embraces it.  I highly recommend if for those whose lives may seem to be stalled for whatever reason.

Early in the book, he mentions the phrase trust the soup.  Trust the soup ?  Ne’er heard of such.  He doesn’t explain it much, except to refer to it as kind of listening to and hearing one’s Muse:

When an artist says “Trust the soup,” she means lettiing go of the need to control (which we can’t do anyway) and put your faith instead in the Source, the Mystery, the Quantum Soup.

I have an idea of what he means. It is the mysterious guiding essence that hovers around each of us. To some of us, it is God. To others, a spirit.
Being somewhat a literal-minded person with perhaps less imagination than others, I took the phrase to refer to soup itself. An actual pot of soup, simmering on the stove.

If you’ve ever lovingly prepared a batch of soup in the dead of winter, you will know what I mean. Little by little you add your ingredients of choice and slowly allow each addition to mingle in the pot. The vegetables and herbs explore each other. They may alternately fight and embrace. The whole drama is played out in the smells permeating the kitchen. You have to coach the soup with a stir now and then. You may add a new herb or spice, then taste and reflect.

No two soups are the same. Each one, even using an identical recipes, is always somewhat different from the time you made it before.

A pot of soup is an experiment.

So, too, are each of our lives an experiment. We have lots of different ingredients simmering in our brains. They combat each other at times, each one competing for prominence in our psyches. Sometimes we will make a mistake. At other times, listening to the soup we find that we have found the perfect combination. Sometimes we are wrong, but when we are right it is heavenly.

But we have to trust the soup. We have to hungerly grasp at it, explore it, defend it, chastise it. Everyone’s soup is unique. Life is the constant refining our own ingredients, relentless in that search for the perfect pot.

Trust the soup.



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Spring cleaning of the soul

There is a yearly ritual that people call “spring cleaning”. Today is a good day for that. Personally, I’m still working on my spring cleaning for 2005. It’s a process.

The New Year is traditionally a time when people do the spring cleaning of the soul. There is a whole year looming, new and untried, and they usually make solemn resolutions for the time ahead. A blank slate, a new calendar. Rarely are those resolutions kept. Real-life drudgeries and traumas get in the way. Resolutions are forgotten.

I never make New Year’s resolutions. It is usually too cold and I can’t get inspired. My resolutions come in the Spring, which here in the Mid-Atlantic area is desperately trying, with fits and starts, to reveal its promise. It is this time of year, when the windows can be opened and birds are at the feeder, and small buds are appearing on trees, that one can get a real sense of renewal. Everything is coming back to life, so one thinks, “Well then…so should I.” Spring just seems to me a much more reasonable time to take inventory and make decisions about the time ahead of you. I wouldn’t call them “resolutions”…that word is too final and confining. It is more of a feeling of, “OK! Let’s ger ‘er done”.

So, in the middle of cleaning and dusting and vacuuming, I am also, in the same hesitant way that Spring is coming out, to do that spring cleaning of the soul. There are no grandiose announcements, no fanfare. Just a silent, sometimes sad and sometimes smiling assessment. You need that every once in a while.

I hope that your spring cleaning, both of the home and of the spirit, is rewarding and true.

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On bringing an old passion back to life….

I finally decided that I might give it try and bring this old soul back to life.  Honestly, I miss it.  I deleted my Google blogspot account about two years ago (what fun it was !),  and am trying to get the hand of this WordPress thingamajig.  As you can see by the header and sidebars, my skills aren’t quite up to par yet.   I may have to call upon a few WordPress buddies to give me some pointers.

On the About page, I describe this blog as being:

On motorcycles, politics, life, and the occasional food porn from a couple of erstatz libertarians living in the the little ole state that looks like a booger hanging off the nose of New Jersey.

I really shouldn’t make fun of Delaware.  After all, our very own Vice-President, Joe Biden pretty much grew up here.  Oh yeah……about that.  Well, at least he deserves a plug.  No pun intended, of course.

It’s hard to blog alone, so expect some entries from a very special person in my life.  We don’t always agree, but I can say that he often has a unique Southern perspective, even though he’s lived in Delaware nigh on eight years.    He has had some experiences that would make you roll in the aisles if’n you can get past the twang and the good ole boy way of talking.  He’s my motorcycle pilot, and that means alot.  If you don’t trust your pilot, your pretty much screwed.

I wanted to keep the title of this blog Delaware Curmudgeon, because even though my better half may contribute from time to time, he is a curmudgeon as well.  He’s just alot more madder of a curmudgeon than I am.  I handle things with a shrug and a sigh.  He is more inclined to use a baseball bat.  Figuratively speaking, of course.

So, we hope to hear from you to from time to time as we muddle through this life.  You never know, something might strike your fancy.  Some posts will probably be real serious.  Others not so much.

As they say in Georgia, we’ll be talkin’ at ya later.


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